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Business-Minded Visual Brand Designer Specializing in Consumer Products & Services

Finding the Balance Between Aesthetics and Business Goals

Having worked in both the client and vendor roles, Donna Wittlin, offers a holistic, well-rounded “to market” perspective on all projects.


From visually building brands from scratch to refreshing established properties, Donna brings a unique approach to problem solving, including creating visual brand vocabularies which helps teams “stay on brand” long after her project is complete. 


– Kate Quaid, Director of Digital Marketing, Charisma Brands

… a creative force to be reckoned with …

Art Direction

Inspiring, Guiding, Collaborating

Flexibility is having the agility of a
one-man band or the nimbleness of a team leader. Thankfully, I have both.

Whether I’m collaborating with your in-house marketing and/or creative teams, guiding my own on your behalf, or working solo, you will receive the same seamless and cohesive results concept through production.

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Perception, Promise, Deliverables

I love creating “the system.” It incorporates all the various components, ensures they “play well” together nuanced for multiple mediums and applications.


Designing a proprietary look and feel with stellar execution is always the goal.


– Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds, Writer, Corporate Brand Identity

… keen ability to transform brand objectives …


Design Is a Strategy

Setting up conceptual criteria for tactical application is essential. Immersing myself in this process, I connect, create, and bring physical executions to fruition.

It’s the reason to be, artfully executed.

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