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– Nancy Zwiers, Funosophy

. . . an intelligent designer . . .

"Donna is an intelligent designer. She thinks about the strategic communication objectives and design to support those objectives."

– Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds, Writer, Corporate Brand Identity

. . . keen ability to transform brand objectives . . .

"Donna is that savvy design professional with the keen ability to transform brand objectives into compelling packaging design. From concept to final execution, Donna’s attention to detail ensures your project outshines your competition."

– Jessica Barrett, Director of Sales, Candy Club

. . . saved us time and money …

"Our company had approached Donna with a concept of a new packaging design for our lovely candies. These were to enhance our current subscription model packaging to consumers as well as launch a brand new product as we became an omni channel company selling into the b2b business. Together our team worked with Donna as she put her brilliant, creative and skillful attributes to the test to create the absolute perfect packaging we could ever ask for! She solved a lot of our problems and even identified new ones we could encounter down the road, which have saved us time and money. Our brand today has grown tremendously since we launched in 2018, and we have received amazing feedback from our customers and consumers to date!"

– Jane Lockhart, Founder, Sweet Lady Jane

. . . acute sense of color . . .

"Donna offers great attention to detail, whether art directing a photoshoot or finessing type and images in layouts. She has an acute sense of color."

– Christine Griswold, Educational Consultant in Kids’ Media, VW Art Education Co-chair, VW Parent

. . . attention to detail elevated this event . . .

"Every detail of the event – from the consistent style and theming of the ads, the location, the entertainment, and the after-party – was stunning! Truly an evening to remember...Working with Donna on the event and the Music is Art book was a pleasure. Her creativity, dedication, and attention to detail elevated this event far beyond anybody’s expectations. By far the most fun and successful event for the district—ever."

– Julie Chan Lin, Host, Producer, Content Creator

. . . thoughtful and goes the extra mile . . .

"Donna takes the time to dig deep and really understand the person, business and project. She has a sharp eye for color, detail and message! Her creativity nets the perfect logo, and branding that will grab attention and speak to the mind! Not only extremely talented, she is thoughtful and goes the extra mile on every project."

– Anthony Nex, Anthony Nex Photography

. . . saving time and money . . .

"One of the many things I appreciated about working with Donna is that she thinks beyond the design process – she has the experience that allows her to think of both the photographic issues on set, saving time and money in retouching/post and the marketing aspects of the product or package."

– Mindy Barsky, Creative Director, DIC Entertainment

. . . true understanding of business needs . . .

"Donna brings not only a great design and color sense to her work, she has a true understanding of business needs that she artfully balances against current market trends to deliver strategically sound creative solutions, whatever the project – be it branding, product design, marketing materials or environmental graphics. Her eye for detail, bold style and get done attitude make for a winning combination. I have worked on many a project with Donna and have found her willing to collaborate and deliver great results every time!"

– Kate Quaid, Director of Digital Marketing,Charisma Brands

. . . she can do things with typography . . .

"Donna is a creative force to be reckoned with. As a seasoned creative professional, she brings experience, knowledge and eye for detail that is hard to find elsewhere. Donna builds a personable rapport with her clients that allows her to consistently deliver a well rounded project from concept to execution. And without question, she can do things with typography that will add an innovative twist to your design, every time."

– Lisa Long, Partner

. . . delivered under an extremely tight deadline . . .

"There was a lot of love, food and misbehavior working together! but seriously, Donna and her team delivered under an extremely tight deadline and we were thrilled."

– Heather Fonseca, Doll Designer

. . . some really fantastic packaging . . .

"I have had the good luck to work with some of the best designers in the toy industry, including Donna Wittlin. We’ve collaborated on many projects including AvaStars. Donna brings her expertise, creativity and good taste to every project, effortlessly combining the client’s product requirements with practicality and flare to create some really fantastic packaging. I’m always proud of the final product when Donna is involved."

– Allen Ferrell Trends and Product Development Manager, former President Color Marketing Group

. . . brought strengths that others would not have done . . .

“Donna brought a couple of strengths that others would not have done: One was combining background elements with the featured design, integrating them to create a whole affect that was outstanding. Secondly, she managed color coordination such that there was a dominant color that set the color story but did not overpower the final design. She was also very clever at managing "gender" in design helping us target boys markets vs girls vs non-gender neutral products.”

– Greg Andrews, Marketing Director

. . . delivered on both quality and deadline.

"We were up against a scheduling deadline of the largest business aviation convention in the world, the NBAA Convention, and we had no brochure!

​We trusted Donna to deliver on both quality and deadline. She did both."

– Christine Norris, Marketing Manager, Rokenbok Toy Company

She is organized beyond any graphic designer . . .

"I would recommend Donna for a branding/design project because she (let me count the ways...

​1. She took the time to find out who are customer was then she went out and talked to them before she decided what we needed to capture their attention for our packaging, what was missing, etc.

2. She possesses a high attention to detail.

3. She is organized beyond any graphic designer that I have come across in 20+ years in the marketing business.

4. Her ability to stick to production schedules, even when thrown a curve ball.

5. She was able to multi task and complete an entire line at one time.Donna was not only creative, resourceful and imaginative, but also highly organized, detailed and dedicated to each and every package/project that she worked on for Rokenbok Toy Company."

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